18 of the best Meal Planning Sites and Tools- (It’s a Round UP!)

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We get paid 1 time a month from our investment properties company – This is what we live off of! It is equivalent to one medium size income. Money can be tight on it and we have to be frugal – we are also admit about saving money and reinvesting money – as you have seen if you have poked around my site much at all. So we live on a tight budget and do side jobs whenever possible. If[Read more]

Easy, Quick, Cheap, Super Yummy Pasta Salad!

Pasta salad

I Do you need a frugal but yummy pasta salad for a get together? At less than $7.00, for a HUGE bowl, this is perfect for a Summer BBQ or a Winter get together -Pasta salad never goes out of style. Warning! -This will feed a large crowd- ( I choose bow= tie pasta because it was on sale, If it had not been I would have used elbow because it is usually cheapest)  Pasta Noodles $1.00 Italian dressing (Generic[Read more]

How I make $ 2000 -$3500 per month, with my kidos in tow!

make money with kids around

How I make $ 2000 -$3500 per month, with my kidos in tow! – (Amount varies depending on what combination I am using that month!) This post contains affiliate links FYI As a stay at home Mommy myself, Living on a tight budget. I often times am looking for ways to make money, however I also understand how hard it is to make a little side money when you have little people running around. Keeping them quite is not always easy.[Read more]

How to start a blog, (Even if you are not techie- just like me!)

How to start a profitable blog

Starting a Blog is EASY ( Even if you are not Techie, just like ME!  I can show you!)  Do you dream of having a career where you can work from home? With out leaving your kids? talking about something you love to talk about and do? Is that not the American dream? Do you want a career where you are challenged and rewarded for your efforts? Where you are in control of how high you climb and there is[Read more]

Week of Dinners $42.63 for a family of 5

Week of dinners $42.63

I AM PUMPED!! I sat down and applied all of my preaching and I planned a week of Yummy Dinners for my family of 5, for, wait for it …………..$42.63 I literally did the happy dance at the grocery store!!  That is without out coupons! but lots of generic brands! Don’t fear the Generics! They will show your wallet the LOVE! Grocery list Tortilla Re-fried bean lg Can Small bag cheese Bread Singles Lg Size Can tomato soup (Check in[Read more]

Have the Freedom to Have Your Dream Life! (With Printable Worksheet)

How to have your dream life free printable

  Change your way of thinking  and you will change your life. We have been taught from young that stuff will make us happy. The more stuff we have, then obviously the better the life we must have. But I ask you, are you living your dream life? Are you Free? We weren’t. over two years ago on August 1st my husband and I made a change that that changed our lives. It was scary because we were forging into[Read more]

Make an EASY Extra $100 or more

Make an easy $100

As a stay at home mom, I often times find myself in need of making  a little extra side money.  I don’t want to go get a part time job, because every parent knows that, that doesn’t always come cheap. It costs in Daycare (Which can be pretty pricey,especially with multiple kids in it.) Gas there and back, clothes, etc.. Sometime at the end of the day you didn’t make any money after all the costs involved in work. Do you[Read more]

How to do a Budget (Step by Step)

Step by step budget

Are you brand new to the idea of living off a budget? Maybe you have never needed to keep watch over your spending, But now you find yourself in a place in life where you need to! This is going to be easy, we will make it painless and step by step. There are a lot of apps and online program that will do your budget for you via you plugging in the information. However, they take longer to download[Read more]

What to do When You are Bad at Budgeting and Saving?

What to do when you are bad at budgeting and saving

  So you are bad at budgeting? Because of this your are also bad at saving. It’s OKAY! There is hope for you yet, don’t despair. I have to be totally open and honest right now with you. I am writing this as a reflection of how I am feeling lately and what I am doing to help myself. Confession: “ I can’t stay on budget at all as of lately.  I have been bad at budgeting It’s like when[Read more]

Feeding My Family of 5 on a Grocery Budget of $130

Feed Family $130 or less

 If I am going to lose control over my budget it will be at the grocery store for sure. By killing my grocery budget. I have a confession, I love to EAT, I love Food! We are self confessed foodies. So I have a hard time buying bland cheap food, I tend to splurge on food at the store because guess what? It all looks yummy and I want to eat it all! So, If you are having trouble keeping[Read more]